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Harlem Hellfighters, Kriegsmaschinerie and the war that never ended: Einstürzende Neubaten on WWI

“To create Lament – an album built around a theme and based on a stage show did you utilise a different creative process?
‘We normally do much more research in the field of sound and what to do with new materials because Neubauten is very much a materialistic band in that sense. In this case we had two scientific researchers to actually come up with the actual material for us to work with ideas wise. By the time it was commissioned in August 2013 I already knew the old memory mill had already started. I knew by the time that we put this on stage that there would be a whole year behind it of being constantly bombarded in the media with World War One material and I knew we had to find something, new ideas, about the war that were not trampled to death already.’

The music on the album captures many moods – was there an attempt to capture the sound of war?
‘I was very much trying to avoid anything like capturing the sound of war. I very much did not want to fill the equation Einsturzende Neubauten – noise – war. I leave that to Rammstein to do things like that. I wanted to tell a horrible story beautifully and not the other way round.’”